About the Global Science Registry

The Global Science Registry is an open source platform that will be used to facilitate network research and illustrate how research and education networks are used to connect people, instruments, compute and storage resources. For more information: http://www.netsage.global/home.

Information entered in the Science Registry is used to tag data flows in realtime. The tagged flow data (with anonymized IP addresses) is then centrally saved and can be viewed and analyzed in a Kibana dashboard.

RESOURCES are sources and/or destinations of data flows. Their defining characteristic is the IP address (or CIDR block). A node in a different location or used for a different purpose needs to be a different resource.

ORGANIZATIONS are the owners of the resources, based on WhoIs and/or other information. We are taking organizations to be at the level of a university or, eg, NASA. If there are sub-organizations such as departments or centers, we put them in the resource's name. Currently, the same organization may be entered more than once with different versions of the organization name; all should have the same abbreviation so they can be combined in Kibana.

PROJECTS are groupings of resources that may span organizations, eg, the ATLAS experiment at CERN. Resources may belong to more than one project.